The RDK source code is distributed across multiple source code repositories which are available in the RDKCentral Gerrit or in GitHub. For most of the repositories, ‘rdk-next’ is the tip of the development branch. Some specific repositories do use a development branch with a name corresponding to the month/quarter. For a stable version of the source code, users should be using a release branch ( please refer the Releases area below )

RDK follows a release schedule of quarterly releases for all flavours of RDK. All the Release notes along with instructions to get a release working on a reference platform are available on the respective release page. However, from 2023, RDK-V is expected to follow a yearly release schedule

Source Code

Access RDK source code via Github or Gerrit


Get details of RDK previous releases and upcoming release timeline

Code Contributions

If you are interested to get involved in the community by contributing , please refer to our "How to Contribute" guide, we will explore the different ways in which you can contribute to RDK and help shape the future of the platform.